Heat Transfer Lab

My area of interest broadly encompasses engineering applications involving macro-scale multi-phase multi-component systems. Understanding transport phenomena of mass, momentum, energy and species is crucial to describe phase-change dynamics as well as micro/macro structure of phases. The focus of our research is on developing theoretical and numerical models to predict solidification dynamics and micro-structure that goes hand-in-hand with experimental studies to validate model predictions. The applications include manufacturing processes such as casting and welding, thermal energy storage, cyclic cooling device and thermal comfort in buildings and apparels. In particular, my current research topics are as follows,

  • Latent heat based storage device for moderate and high temperature applications
  • Alloy solidification process
  • Vapor adsorption refrigeration systems
  • Electronic cooling
  • Rapid cooling with flash evaporation process
  • PCM based cool and warm vest for extreme climatic conditions

  • Prodyut Ranjan Chakraborty
    Room 226, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    IIT Jodhpur, Karwad
    Jodhpur, 342030
    eMail: pchakraborty@iitj.ac.in
    Phone: (0291) 280 1508


    • Amit Shrivasytva has submitted his thesis and joined Reliance as a research analyst. Congratulations Amit!
    • Manvendra Sharma has submitted his thesis. Congratulations Manvendra!
    • Aniket has completed his PhD and joined Whirlpool as a Senior CAE Engineer. Congratulations Aniket!
    • "Hydrodynamic and thermal model for gravity-driven smooth laminar film flow undergoing flash evaporation cooling: Case study and correlation development", Manvendra Sharma, Deepak Dandotiya, Kirankumar R. Hiremath, Anand K Plappally, Prodyut R. Chakraborty, , Physics of Fluid, Volume 35, Issue 9, 2023, 093608, DOI: 10.1063/5.0160883.
    • "Enhanced Thermal Performance of Nitrate Salts Composite with Compressed Expanded Graphite for Solar Thermal Energy Storage", Narender Kumar, Prodyut R. Chakraborty, has been accepted for the "SolarPACES 2023" , Sydney, Australia Conference.
    • "Investigating the Synergistic Effects of Cascaded ST-LHTES Unit and CEG with PCM on Thermal Performance: A Numerical Study", Narender Kumar, Prodyut R. Chakraborty, has been accepted for the "Solar World Congress 2023" , New Delhi, India Conference.
    • Our Project entitled "Cascaded Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System for high temperature applications" selected for first R&D fair "IInvenTiv" held at IIT Delhi.