Dr Venkata Ramana Badarla

Contact information

E-mail: ramana at iitj dot ac dot in
Phone: +91 291 244 9090

Mail: Room no 3009, Admin Block,
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur,
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India 342011.


Computer Networks (CS425) [s2,2010-11] [s1,2011-12] [s2,2014-15] [s2,2015-16]
Principles of Database Systems (CS315) [s1,2011-12] [s2,2011-12] [s2,2012-13]
Advanced Topics from Computer Networks (60223) [s1,2011-12]
Wireless and Mobile Systems (70022 / 60226) [s1,2012-13] (Co-Instructor)
Communications and Networking Lab [s1,2012-13] [s2,2013-14] (Co-Instructor)
Advanced Computer Networks (60240) [s1,2013-14]
Data Structures and Algorithms (CS121) [s1,2013-14] [s2,2014-15]
Computer Programming (PDS) (CS111) [s1,2013-14] [s1,2014-15] [s1,2016-17]
Computer Organization and Architecture (CS221) [s1,2015-16] [s2,2015-16] [s2,2016-17]
Data Communication (CS331) [s1,2015-16] (Course coordinator)

Research Interests