Introductory Note

First of all Tribute to all those big white hat, grey hat hackers contributors who made it possible and that's why we are able to work on free softwares without any threat from the cyber polices who acclaims themselves to be protector of piracy and think that softwares are property they inherited from their predecessors. We support use of open source free softwares, we are standing on the big shoulders of those brilliant contributors, this is a very small attempt to tribute all those contributors who made it possible.


As the slogan on the site states softwares for all, knowledge for all, information for all. Development done by us and some of the contributors, we will try to provide information about that, so that anyone can take them and without any permission can make development on and above it. We strictly discourage commercial use of the content provided on this site. Although it would be very difficult for us to catch it, still we believe on trust and we hope you would not break it.     

Goal is not only to support free softwares but also the content and information provided is useful for all hobbyists, learners and knowledge seekers.