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Welcome to the unconventional photonics group of IIT Jodhpur!

"The group has been exploring research in the domain of photonics which includes exceptional points in optical systems, disordered photonics, specialty optical fibers, quasi-crystals, and bound state in continuum".

"Presently as a part of the group Ms Piyali Biswas, Mr Sayan Bhattacherjee, Mr Snehashis Sadhukhan, Mr Suman Dey and Mr Sibnath Dey are persuing Ph.D. Other members are also involved in the research activities. Presently group is open to accomodate few more members. You may also appy for short-term visits"

"Our ecent findings have been pubished in high impact research journals including ACS Photonics, Physical ReviewApplied, Physical Review A, Physical Review B, Appied Physics Letters, Optics Letters, Optics Express, and Scientific Reports. The group members have received several best paper awards in international conferences and "international travel grants."

Our recent research findings on singularity based mode conversion in optical fiber is published now in Optics Letters!!

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