Welcome to Shree Prakash Tiwari's webpage
Shree Prakash Tiwari, Ph.D.
Senior Member, IEEE
Associate Professor (Electrical Engineering)
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

Contact Details
E-mail: sptiwari[at]iitj.ac.in, Phone (Office): +91 291 280 1356,
Office: Room No. 210, Department of Electrical Engineering,
IIT Jodhpur, Karwar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, 342037.  
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Facilities for Students

Tools/Equipments (Microsystems Laboratory):

  • Atomic Layer Deposition for high-k gate dielectric
  • Spin Coater for solution deposition of films
  • Metal Deposition System, E-beam/Thermal evaporation 
  • Cascade 5 inch Prober, Keithley 4200-SCS Parametric Analyzer, for electrical characterization (IV/CV)
  • Dektak Profiler for thickness measurements
  • TCAD Device/Process Simulation Tools for exploration of new devices
  • Karl Suss Mask Aligner: Optical Lithography
  • Laminar Flow Workbenches
IITJ students can plan for any interesting topic in following areas:
  • High-k gate dielectrics for organic/inorganic and flexible electronics
  • New memory devices
  • Electrical characterization techniques to study the device properties  
  • OFET devices and circuits
  • Low cost Sensors
  • Process and device simulation for CMOS/VLSI technology and modern micro/nano electronics
Very few strongly motivated interns may be accepted through Undergraduate Research Initiative (UGRI) Program of the Institute in in summer. They can plan a project work on any of the topics given above. Students with innovative ideas are always welcome for discussion.
Acknowledgement: Institutes/Centres


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