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Workshop on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

August 01-02, 2019

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Recent advancement and wide use of high-throughput technology are producing an explosion of biomedical datasets that can serve as a source for simulation and computational /statistical modelling of diseases and biological processes. The analysis of biomedical datasets can help in bridging the gap between experiments and patients by integrating data obtained from medical imaging, experimental cell and animal based models to patients. Moreover, the biomedical data analysis helps medical professionals as well as in advancing understanding of basic biological problems. This workshop will focus on contributions dealing with development of methods for learning from biomedical data, managing those data, and using the data to inform biological discovery, motivated by efforts to improve human health.


Pattern recognition applications in Bioinformatics

Genomics data analysis

Genome engineering

Systems Biology

Structural Bioinformatics

How to Apply

The applicant should send a request to Dr. Sushmita Paul and also apply through Google form.
Registration Fee ₹1200 (Including GST) for Students, faculty, and, industry professionals

A single full registration includes access to all workshop talks, refreshments and lunch, and participation certificate

Scheduled dates

Last date for receipt of Applications: 01.07.2019
Intimation of Selection: 05.07.2019
Confirmation by participants: 06.07.2019

Workshop Dates: 01.08.2019-02.08.2019

Poster presentation

Submit poster abstract @ sushmitapaul@iitj.ac.in

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August, 2019


August, 2019

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