Himanshu Sikaria

Know the 'unknown'.

The 'normal'

Hailing from a place which is feared by most, but which the remaining few think to be more thrilling than their own towns, Guwahati. Was a bright student in school, from the teacher's view, but my marks always opposed that and proved me to be just above average, as I believed in last night study. In fact, the Indian educational system promotes last night study and the fun experienced in doing so is worth compromising a few marks for, at least at the school level. I guess that experience taught me how to handle pressure and gave me 'that' confidence. After my higher secondary education I first decided to adopt the science stream, for the simple reason that it looked more exciting and challenging than the other options. Next, I had to try for the best, from the best and also experience the best. So had the time of my life in Kota. I admit life is not easy there at that age but it surely was worth it. Many ups and downs later, and with the luck metre fluctuating, I finally did get what I aimed for. Back to 'normal' life at the Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur before I was again up to something 'absurd' and of course, challenging.
Did my schooling from Don Bosco School, Guwahati, which I completed in 2011. Then began my sprint at Kota, the hub of IITJEE coaching. Was a tough life for a teenager. However I was ready and determined to face yet another challenge, and delligently prepared for the toughest exam in the world for an 18 year old kid, and cleared it in the first attempt competing with 1.6 million aspirants. Resultantly I gained admission into Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur in 2013. Currently a final year student, will graduate in 2017 as a Bachelor in Technology.
Follow your passion, not the crowd.
It was overwhelming to see how the seniors managed each and every activity at the institute. The Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur is in its early stages and growing slowly bit by bit. Joining an institute at this stage maybe disappointing for many, but for me it was an icing on the cake. From day one I was determined to do something for 'my' institute. So I took part in almost every club to recognise my field of interest. Fascinated by remote controlled gadgets, I joined the aero modelling club and took up a project of remote controlled planes which I presented at the biggest technical fest of Asia, Techfest IIT Bombay.
Having always enjoyed taking the lead and also knowing that my management skills weren't bad, I became a core member of the institute management council(for which I was incidentally awarded the Freshman of the year, at the end of the first year).
Then was formed a Council of Academics and Research Affairs, and desirous of playing a role in the institute academics, I put myself up for an interview and got selected to the council.
To be serious about all these activities, and also take care of my own academics, I knew would not be easy and time management would be anissue. However I did manage, and quite satisfactorily too. In fact I was impressed with the manner in which I utilized my time. Currently, I have also taken up the responsibility of a student guide in the couselling team of IIT Jodhpur.
Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn.

The absurd

When I was in the ninth standard, if I remember right, I started a website to solve computer problems, 'thecomputerhub'. I did not know the meaning of entrepreneurship, nor did I have any idea on how to start a venture. In fact I had also registered for AdSense and Amazon advertisment campaign to earn. Now I poner, I feel that it's in my blood :p. Though I couldn't get much out of it, it was fun along with the experience I earned. After getting into iit, I learnt what entrepreneurship meant and started to explore more about it, doing online courses, reading and writing articles and connecting with BIG people. Now I knew what I wanted to do, and I could do that for hours without a break. Facing the problem of a systematic learning and lack of experience around in this field, I do not want others to face the same difficulties. So with a few like-minded people, I formed a team, hunted people in this field, researched for months and finally we had a basic structure ready. Now it's time for execution, the most important part in any start-up.
"Do what you want to, not what people want you to do!"
Along with this I want my institution to grow in this field too and the best minds of the country to think in this direction, so I took the initiative and started the Entrepreneur-Cell at IIT Jodhpur.
"All doors closed? Build one!"
Risk in starting a venture? Different people may have different opinions regarding this. But life without a challenge would be so monotonous and boring. Taking a not so common path maybe risky and challenging, and obviously problems will come by. However it's exciting to be curious at every turn the path takes and to take each step cautiously. Yes, this is the way I define life and this is the way it should be lived and of course enjoyed. From the very first day of school my parents never forced me to excel in academics, but guided me to be an all-rounder. Compromising my academic grades slightly, I began to work on something which I knew had very little probability of excelling, but which was a challenging task; this was a risk. That's how I have lived and that's how I'm gonna live.
"A ship is safe in harbour, but that's not what ships are for."
A fun loving person, always enthusiastic to take up responsibilities and help people around in whatever way I can. I have a deep interest in programming, economics, robotics, wildlife and exploration. Aspiring to become an engineer I want to mix my management skills with the technical knowledge to do something big and challenging, of course. I don't know where will this dream lead me to and how rocky the path will be, all I know is that I'll do what I enjoy with full dedication. Hoping for the best I don't know if my life will be fun or a funny one! =P


Responsibilities and Experiences
  • Founded Startify (was acquired by BlueBox Media), a project to help early staged startups
  • Summer internship at Accenture Digital as a data analyst
  • Developed a product to amplify sound from mobile devices without extra power. Applying for a design patent.
  • Conducted workshops in various colleges including IIT, NIFT on entrepreneurship
  • Started the Entrepreneur Cell of IIT Jodhpur and coordinating its activities
  • Student Guide in the Counselling Team of IIT Jodhpur
  • Secured the first position in CBSE organized north-eastern Science Exhibition 2010 and represented in New Delhi for innovative energy generation.
  • Recieved the Freshman of the year award for the Institute Management Council
Data Analysis
R language
Entrepreneurial Workshops
C Language
Team Management

Autonomous Plane

Started the project on autonomous plane in Feb 2014 and its under way. The main aim is to develop a small efficient aircarft able to fly to a specific location autonomously with a stable flight. Further advancement may include more sophicticated sensors.

Aero modelling club, IIT Jodhpur

Prediction of flight prices

The flight prices vary drstically and there are times when we do not know if it is the right time to buy one or should we wait for a better price. Analyzing various flight prices in R language and using various machine learning algorithms.

B.Tech Project, IIT Jodhpur

Ongoing Project

Startify.in Inovate | Create | Motivate

What if your idea is beautifully imperfect, but makes sense? Share your idea, let the others improvise it!
We were recently acquired by BlueBox Media's co-founder, making a successful exit from the company. #Startify

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