Zafar Ahmed Ansari
Indian Institute of Technology
Force4 Magix
Force4 Magix is a multiplayer First-Person-Shooter game built in Java 3D. The game is a multiplayer distributed system with client-server architecture. I have restrained from making it unnecessarily complicated and heavy by using sound OO paradigms and Java 3D. Sound and animation in the game give it more realism.
The system is divided into two parts: the client and the server.
Clients at different geographic locations in the network connect to a single server by specifying its IPv4 address. The user gets into the system using his/her username and password. Each user has to make an account for himself in the beginning. His account information will be stored on the server machine in persistent form. Server sessions will have no effect on its accounts.
The server can be running anywhere on the network. The players play in a virtual environment among walls and obstacles (walls are porous, beware!). The shots fired at an opponent within range will cause him to lose 'life' points. The target is to kill maximum number of opponents. Once a player is killed he is logged out and then may reenter. At the end a scorecard showing the number of logins and the number of kills of all players of the current session is displayed at each terminal.