Research Facility

UV Lithography

Make- SUSS Microtech
Model- MJB4

The MJB4 Mask Aligner can perform contact UV exposures for a variety of sample and mask sizes. Sample sizes that can be accommodated range from small pieces to 4-inch wafers.
It can be used with masks of up to 5 by 5 inches.
The maximum combined thickness of the substrate and mask is 9 mm. The achievable position alignment accuracy is ~1 μm. The MJB4 allows 1 um resolution in vacuum contact mode. The tool has 5 different contact modes (proximity, soft, hard, low vacuum, and vacuum), and three different exposure modes (flood, first, and align and expose

RF-DC Magnetron Sputtering

Make: Excel Instruments
No. Of Magnetron Gun: 4
The system is equipped with a turbomolecular pump with a load lock chamber facility. It is provided with 1 RF and 2 Dc supplies along with substrate heating up to 650°C. Substrate rotation and height adjustment setup with an arrangement of two different process gas flows. The system is in use for the deposition of metal oxide and metal thin films

Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition System (CVD)

Make: Metrex Scientific InstrumentsTemperature Range- Upto 1100°C
This three-zone CVD system is equipped with programmable heating arrangements and three rotameters for controlled gas flow. The system is provided with a rotary pump to evacuate the tube before deposition. A mass flow controller unit is also attached to the system for precise control of process gas during deposition.
The system is in use for the deposition and growth of nanostructured TMDC and metal oxide thin films.

Thermal Evaporation System

Make: Advance Process Technology
No. Of Source: 3
The system is equipped with a turbomolecular pump with a load lock chamber facility. It is provided with three source boats for material evaporation along with two power supplies.
Substrate rotation and height adjustment setup with a thickness monitoring system is integrated with the system. The system is used for the evaporation of metals like Aluminium, Gold, Copper, Nickel, Chromium etc to form metal contact.

TPT Wire Bonder

Make- TPT Wire Bonder
Model- HB10
This system has automatic Z-axis movement for height adjustment. It is suitable for Wedge, Ball, Bump and Ribbon bonding with 17-75μm dia. Motorized wire spool and wire clamp are provided with a system that helps in reducing the waste and precise operation

UV light measurements setup

Make: Holmarc
Model: HO-SPA-XE-150
Range: 250-2500nm
Specifications: A UV light measurements setup which it includes a UV light source (Xenon Lamp power supply of 150 W, model HO-SPA-XE- 150 by HOLMARC) having a wavelength range 250-2500nm, Spectra UV-VIS_NIR 300 std scanning monochromator (model HO- SP-M01S by HOLMARC) having wavelength range 200-1100nm with a handheld controller and optical power meter, optical fibre cable

Hall effect Measurements setup

Make: Polytronic
Model: HEM-175
Range: upto 1.5Tesla
The Hall Effect Measurement System is designed to provide totally automatic measurements of the electrical properties of semiconductors at room temperature by varying the different magnetic fields of semiconductor materials using the van der Pauw measurement technique.

Programmable Tubular Furnace

Make: Metrex Scientific Instruments
Model: MT-14P
Range: up to 1400°C
This microcontroller programmed tubular furnace has a temperature range from Room temperature to 1400°C. An alumina tube of 65mm diameter is used in a system with a gas purging setup for annealing in a different gas atmosphere. The system is used for annealing of thin-film and sintering of sputtering targets