Cold Plasma


for food, health, energy and agriculture

Key Technological Achievements

Mentoring two start-ups and promoting one start-up, i.e., M/s Divya Plasma Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - a start-up company involved in devising indoor air solutions for humankind.
Developed an Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation Sterilization System based on UV-light and metal oxide nanoparticles catalyst to treat N95 Filtering Face-mask Respirators for reuse in the year 2020 and technology know-how has been transfered to six Industries and one NGO.
Developed a mercury-free plasma UV-lamps based deodorizing system under an industry sponsored project and the developed technology was transferred to a startup company on April 23, 2018 for its mass production.
Developed a novel geometry design dielectric barrier discharge based Mercury-free Plasma UV (MFP-UV) lamp in the year 2015. This indigenous patented technology has been transferred to two industries on March 29, 2016 for its mass production.
Developed a high current density sheet beam plasma cathode electrode gun with current density as high as 1 kA/cm2 in the year 2013 – A patented technology useful for THz microwave source applications.
Developed a 20kV/20kA radial multi-channel pseudospark source –A patented technology useful for high current applications in strategic areas in the year 2014.
Developed a novel method to calibrate a VUV spectrometer and accordingly a large volume penning plasma discharge system was designed and developed in the year 2014. The developed system was delivered to Institute for Plasma Research under National Fusion Programme.
Established a technology dissemination facility for industries in the years 2007-2011 and a Plasma Ion Nitriding System capable of treating 500 kg steel load at a time was demonstrated in collaboration with FCIPT-IPR, Gandhinagar. The system was utilized widely by a number of steel industries in and around Rajasthan.

Area of Research Interest

Low Temperature Plasma Applications
Non-thermal non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma discharges, dielectric barrier discharges, VUV/UV light sources for societal and industrial applications, penning plasma discharges, plasma switches, plasma assisted microwave sources, plasma processing, plasma surface engineering, multi-component plasmas, active and passive plasma diagnostics, experimental VUV/UV/Visible plasma spectroscopy, quantitative plasma spectroscopy, atomic spectroscopy, impurity transports in the plasma fusion devices, plasma sheath and sheath instabilities.