Amit Bhardwaj

Dr. Amit Bhardwaj

Associate Professor,
Department of Electrical Engineering,

IIT Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India - 342037

First of all, thanks for visiting my home page. I work in the field of haptics- a study of sense of touch. Unlike our other senses like vision and hearing, smell and taste, the sense of touch (i.e., haptics) remained unexplored for a long time. Since last three decades, it has emerged as an active area of research for the scientific community. In the haptics literature, broadly, there is a mention of three types of haptics - human haptics, machine haptics and computer haptics. When a user touches an object, the interaction information is conveyed to the brain through the sensory system. The brain computes the necessary force which is given back to activate the muscles for the hand or arm movements. Human haptics deals with the study of this human sensorimotor loop and issues related to human perception of the sense of touch. Machine haptics deals with the study of design and construction of electro-mechanical devices which can effectively replace or augment human touch. In order to augment touch in a virtual environment, it is needed to design and develop algorithms and software which can compute interaction forces and simulate physical properties of the virtual objects. Computer haptics deals with all the related aspects. Hence, research in haptics is multidisciplinary in nature, involving control, robotics, computer science/engineering, psychophysics, neurophysiology and human motor control. There are various interesting and challenging applications of haptics, especially for teleoperation applications like in medical surgery, performing hazardous tasks and exploring space activities using a remotely controlled robot.

I am primarily interested in computer haptics and human haptics. My work is also closely associated with the fields of augmented/virtual reality, human computer interaction and robotics. I am looking for hardworking and motivated masters and PhD students. Students who want to contribute to a new research field like haptics, feel free to contact me any time.

Academic Qualification

  • Ph.D. (2016, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai), Electrical Engineering
  • M. Tech. (2011, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi), Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • B.Tech. (2009, YMCA Institute of Engineering, Faridabad), Electronics and Communication Engineering

Professional Experience

  • July 2023 to Present : Associate Professor, IIT Jodhpur
  • Sept. 2019 to June 2023 : Assistant Professor, IIT Jodhpur
  • Feb. 2018 to Aug. 2019 : Post-doctoral Research, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea.
  • Jan. 2017 to Dec. 2017 : Alexander von Humboldt Post-doctoral Fellow, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany.‚Äč
  • Aug. 2016 to Jan. 2017 : Research Associate, IIT Bombay, India.

Research Areas

  • Haptics Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Computer and Human Haptics
  • Human Perception
  • Haptics for Teleoperation
  • Cross-model Learning for Material Identification
  • Signal Processing
  • Applications of Machine learning

Professional Activities:

1. Reviewer
    • IEEE Journal for Selected Topics in Signal Processing
    • Advanced Robotics
    • INDICON 2014, NCC 2015
    • IEEE Haptics Symposium 2016,2018
    • IEEE World Haptic Symposium 2019
    • IEEE Symposium on HAVE 2018, 2019
    • IEEE Transactions on Haptics
    • IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AIVR) 2019
2. Program Committe Member
    • IEEE AIVR 2019
    • IEEE HAVE 2018 and 2019

Important Links:

  1. Google Scholar Link: Amit Bhardwaj
  2. ResearchGate : Amit Bhardwaj