A. Funded Research Project


1. Dynamic studies for Half-humanoid & Space flying robot, ISRO RESPOND, 2020-22, 17 Lakhs (Role: PT, Ongoing)
2. Reactionless Maneuvering and Visual Servoing of Space flying robot and Half-humanoid, ISRO RESPOND, 43 Lakhs, 2020-22 (Role: PI)
3. Design and Development of Indigenous On-board Autopilot and Vision based Navigation Systems for Autonomous Flight of Hover Capable Rotary-wing Vehicles, SERB Core Reserch Grant, 2020-23, 80 Lakhs (Role PI, Accpeted)
4. Singularity-Free Reactionless Manipulation of a Satellite Mounted Dual-Arm Robot for Capture of a Tumbling Orbital Object, DST Young Scientist, 27 Lakhs, 2013-2016 (Role: PI, Completed ).
5. Hybrid Reactionless Manipulation and Visual Servoing of a Satellite Mounted Robot for Autonomous On-Orbit Services, 35 Lakhs, INSPIRE Research Grant, 2013-2018, 35 Lakhs, (Role: PI, Completed).
​ 6. Feasibility Study and Concept Prototyping of Compliant Multi Module Robot for Surveillance, DRDO CARS, 2015-2016, 10 Lakhs (Role: PI, Completed).


1. Design and Development of Midrange (≥10km) RF Trans-receiver System to Transmit Nuclear Radiation Sensor Data, DRDO CARS, 2018-2019, 10 Lakhs (Role: Co-PI)

B. Consultancy Projects

1. Visual Servoing for Mobile Manipulators with application to Smart Warehouses and Smart Factories, TCS Innovation Labs, Noida, 2017-2018 (Consultancy Project)​

C. Others

1. Optimal Motion Planning of Multiple Mobile Manipulators for Transporting a Payload Through Tight Spaces, Institute Seed Grant - IIT Jodhpur, 2018-2021

D. Online Courses/Workshop

1. Robotics Course Developed Under Pedagogy Protect headed by IIT KGP, National Mission Project on Education through ICT, 2015 (Course Status: Accepted) (Role: Co Developer)
2. Course on Robot Modelling and Control, and Applications to Aerial, through Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN), 2015 (Role: Course coordinator)