Ph.D. Student

1. Shreyash Gupta (2020 - continue) [Area: Control of multi mobile manipulator systems] [Jointly with Dr. Tripathy]

2. Richa Dubey ( (2020 - Continue) [Area: Control of robots under adversarial sensor attack] [Jointly with Dr. Tripathy]

3. Saurabh Chaudhary (2020 - continue) [Area: Data-driven control of Robots] [Jointly with Dr. Tripathy]

4. Prasad Dal (2019 - Cont) [Area: Dynamics and Control of Space Robots]

5. Mithun P. (2021) [Area: Visual Servoing]

MS by Research

1. P.Nahas (2014-Cont) [Learning based motion planning]

2. Divyanshu Goel (2019) [Dual Degree B.Tech + MSR] [Design and control of humanoid with articulated torso]

3. P. Harsha (2017) [Modular Stair climbing Robot]

4. Hari Teja (2016) [Whole body motion planning of humanoid]

5. V. V. Anurag (2015) [Visual Servoing of Space robot]

6. S. Avinash (2014) [Stair Climbing robot]

M.Tech. Students

1. Divyesh Fatarpekar(2021-Cont.) [Dynamic Identification]

2. Deepak Maurya (2021) [Vision navigation ] [Jointly with Dr Himanshu Kumar]

3. Deepak Daksh (2021) [Vision-based control] [Jointly with Dr Rajendra Nagar]

4. Subham (2021) [Control of Multirobot systems] [Jointly with Dr Niladri] Tripathy

5. Kena Hemnani [Semantic Occupancy Maps for Robots](2021) [Jointly with Dr. Anand Mishra]

6. Shreyas Patel (2020) [Dynamics and planning of half humanoid]

7. Vipul Sanap (2020) [Vision based control of Half Humanoid]

8. Dheeraj Maheshwari (2019) [Post impact control of space robot]

9. Akshay Goel (2019) [Compliant control of parallel robot]

10. Animesh Singh (2019) [Gait analysis] [Jointly with Dr Sushmita Paul]

11. Vikash Chandra (2019) [Pythone based dynamics simulator]

12. Sunil Gora (2018) [DeNOC based parallel algorithms]

13. Deepak Raina (2017) [Impact dynamics of space robot]