Welcome to Robotics Laboratory

The Robotics Laboratory is a part of Mechanical Engineering Department at Indian Institute of Technonology at Jodhpur, India. Robotics laboratory is integral part of M.Tech. in Advanced Manufacturing and Design offered by the department where students get exposed to kinematic, dynamics, motion planning, programming, and control of robots. The laboratory focuses on research problems and innovative projects that extend the state of the art in robotics. The laboratory's research work is in the areas of Space Robots, Motion Planning, Vision based Control, Robot Mechanism Design and Computational Dynamics. The laboratory is equipped with diverse robot platforms and advanced sensors.

Research Facilites

Pioneer P3DX Mobile Robot (10 Nos)

UR5 Collaborative Robot

Powerbot and Barret Arm

Turtle Bot3 with Open Manipulator (7 Nos)

Vicon Motion Capture System (Bonita Camera, 8 Nos)

Bertec Force Plate

Kinova Gen3 lite(2 Nos)

In-house Developed Research Platform

Earth-based Prototype of Space Robot

Compliant Parallel Robot